Cold War Memories

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

With the focus on Vietnam during the 1960s, it was sometimes hard to remember that the Cold War was still happening. And today we have some speculation about the Russians hacking American emails. Will movie-makers use this idea for films now?

In 1966, we had Alfred Hitchcock’s film named “Torn Curtain,” starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews, to remind us of spies, scientific secrets and the divide between America and Eastern Europe. Here is the film’s trailer:

And here is a review of “Torn Curtain” with lots of info about the film:

Meanwhile, in 1966 there was no Internet, yet.  But a guy named Bob Taylor was a crucial person in the US government, funding key projects in computer science research. In February 1966, Taylor launched an ARPA project to create a computer network, later named ARPAnet, the predecessor to the Internet.

This is what passed for a “technology” announcement in 1966:

Alfred Hitchcock died at age 80 in 1980. Paul Newman left us in 2008 at age 83. Julie Andrews will be 81 on October 1.

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