1967 Battle of the Sexes

Photo courtesy of B.B. King Blues Club, New York

It is the 50th anniversary of a special song.


In 1967, we heard Aretha Franklin sing this:

This song became an anthem for the feminist movement. It earned Franklin two Grammy Awards in 1968 for “Best Rhythm & Blues Recording” and “Best Rhythm & Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Female.” It was written by another artist, Otis Redding, and was originally meant to be sung from the male perspective.

Redding admitted that “a girl” took his song. Here he is performing his song in 1967.

Both Redding and Franklin spent time in San Francisco. We identify another song with Redding that refers to the “Frisco Bay.”

Redding had performed at the Fillmore and was staying on a houseboat in Sausalito. He finished the song and recorded it shortly before his death in an airplane crash in Wisconsin on December 10, 1967. He was 26 years old. Franklin turned 75 years old this spring.

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