Irish Coffee

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There are folks who think that those of us who lived in San Francisco in the 1960s should have our heads examined. Well, we had the opportunity in October of 1967 because the Congress of Neurological Surgeons had their annual meeting at the Hilton Hotel.

San Franciscan and Lowell High School grad Dr. Barton Brown was on the committee. He wrote a list of “Things to Do and See” that is still posted on the organization’s Web site. Check out all of the names of restaurants and stores that no longer exist:

In 1967, Dr. Barton listed five “coffee houses,” including Coffee Cantata, the Old Spaghetti Factory, Enrico’s Coffeehouse and Cedar Alley along with the Buena Vista Café. The Buena Vista is still open at the original location at the corner of Hyde and Beach Streets. The bar has been there since the landlord of the boarding house converted the first floor to a saloon in 1916. The world famous Irish Coffee was first served in 1952.

Paul Nolan is one of two brothers who have been bartenders at the Buena Vista for more than 30 years.  Here are Paul’s tips for making the perfect drink: rinse the glass with hot water; add two cubes of C&H cane sugar to the glass; add piping hot Peerless coffee and mash the sugar with a spoon; add the Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey; and then add the cream that has been whipped but still pours.
This is 52 seconds of how to make “The Perfect Irish Coffee” –

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