A San Francisco Tour with Janis

Photo courtesy of http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/janis_joplin

Stars with big personalities still have parents. It is hard to imagine how Janis Joplin might give a San Francisco tour to her parents during the Summer of Love in 1967. Here is a clip from  documentary about exactly that:

Amy Berg is a film maker who was born in 1970 in Southern California. Even though she missed the 1960s in the City, she produced the documentary, Janis: Little Girl Blue,  that was introduced at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.

On May 6, the film will be released on DVD. The film is now a part of the American Masters series on PBS. It is available on PBS and also Amazon. The DVD includes looking back at a few of Joplin’s early venues, such as The Avalon and the Fillmore.

Here is my favorite song from Janis with photos and a short description of her story:

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