A Smoke, A Drink, and Murder

City of Dragons

Kelli Stanley

The unlikely heroine of Kelli’s tale, set in San Francisco in the 1940s, is Miranda Corbie, a Spanish Civil War nurse, ex-escort in The City and a private investigator with a heart. Taking on a case that no one wants her to pursue, Ms. Corbie manages to uncover a huge underworld operation that touches the Chinese and Japanese communities and involves international drug trafficking.

Kelli’s style and use of language is gritty and sets a mood where Dashiell Hammett would feel right at home. Her descriptions of San Francisco include details about Ms. Corbie going from place to place, taking readers along to view the sites, hear the sounds and experience The City block by block. City of Dragons will transport you back to a time when a smoke, a drink and murder were always intertwined.

The prequel to City of Dragons is another Miranda Corbie story: