San Francisco has been a “star” in many movies and television shows through the years. The newest television series to put the focus on San Francisco Bay is Fox Network’s “Alcatraz.” The narrator, actor Sam Neill, is heard introducing the show by saying, “On March 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed. All the prisoners were transferred off the island. Only that’s not what happened. Not at all.” Here is the trailer for the new series:

The history of Alcatraz as a prison dates back to 1850 when it housed military prisoners. The Federal Bureau of Prisons Web site page – – gives details about the prison history, including 14 escape attempts between 1936 and 1963. In 1969, Native Americans occupied the island in an effort to claim the island and to build a Native American Cultural Center. Federal Marshalls removed the last occupiers in 1971. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area was created and Alcatraz became a National Park Service unit and opened to the public for tours in 1973.

Today, more than one million people visit Alcatraz each year. The new tv show has made recent worldwide news in an unusual way. Since seeing a “control room” in the tv show, the Daily Mail in London reports that: “Fans of the Fox TV show ‘Alcatraz’ have been joining official tours then going off on their own to find a secret bunker which has been featured in the show. The catch is that the bunker does not exist meaning visitors have been left wandering in parts of the facility which could be dangerous.”
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