Amusements in San Francisco for More Than 150 Years

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San Franciscans have been going to a place called Land’s End near Ocean Beach for amusement for more than 150 years.

This clip includes the history of what by the 1960s we used to call simply Sutros. This included the Cliff House and the Sutro Baths. There is some rare 1897 footage of what the Sutro Baths looked like in the 1890s.

My friends would say, “We’ll meet you at Sutros.” This meant an ice skating event, because the baths were long gone by this time. But walking down to the ice skating rink, you could still stop and see some of the museum exhibits in their glass cases. I recall seeing what claimed to be one of Tom Thumb’s small suits. Sutros closed in 1964 and on June 26, 1966, the remaining building burned to the ground.

Here is some footage from a 1958 film called, “The Lineup.” This shows the skating rink. One of the bad guys in the film gets pushed over a railing and falls to the rink below.

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