Bay Area Radio Feud

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Summer is here and folks are planning their activities. In The City, there might be a few days of sun that makes Ocean Beach a destination. In the 1960s, kids would never go to the beach without a transistor radio. And that meant taking a favorite radio disc jockey along. We had some famous radio personalities in The City. Remember Don Sherwood and Jim Lange?According to a clip on the Bay Area Radio Museum Web site, there was a “great race” (looks more like a stroll) in 1961 pitting Sherwood against Lange. The route was from Stinson Beach in Marin, across the Golden Gate Bridge, to the finish line at the Ferry Building in The City. The quality of the clip is not great, but take a look at an old-time radio promotion. The crowds showed up to cheer on their favorite radio personality:

Don Sherwood, “born and raised in The City,” was billed as “The World’s Greatest Disc Jockey.” He started at KSFO in 1953. In 1956, he worked at KYA and then returned to KSFO in 1957, staying at KSFO until 1969. He had a colorful and sometimes turbulent life working in Bay Area radio and television programs. He died of emphysema (he was a chain smoker) in 1983. You can still see his son, Greg Sherwood, as a host on our PBS station KQED. Greg started his Bay Area television career when he appeared with his dad at the age of three.

Jim Lange joined KSFO in 1960. While Sherwood anchored the mornings, Lange worked the afternoons. Many folks know Jim Lange from “The Dating Game” television show that was launched in late 1965. Remember the music?

Lange is 78 years old and lives in Marin with his wife Nancy Fleming, Miss America of 1961.

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