Black Panthers, Chief Cahill and Reverend Williams

Photo courtesy of Jay Johansen, Jay Johansen Studio

In the past year, actions by police officers across the country have been questioned. These incidents resulted in the current “Black Lives Matter” movement. This is not new. In October of 1966, the initial role the Black Panther Party was to monitor the behavior of police officers and challenge what party members considered police brutality in Oakland, California.

In San Francisco, Police Chief Thomas Cahill and representatives of the Black Panther Party, helped by Reverend Cecil Williams, held a “summit” in December of 1969:

Chief Cahill was San Francisco’s longest-serving police chief, serving through the terms of three mayors from 1958 to 1970. He died at age 92.

Reverend Cecil Williams is still going strong as the pastor emeritus of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. This September he turned 86 years old. Here he is with his wife and work partner Janice Mirikitani, in conversation with their friend Warren Buffet. For 16 years, Glide has benefited from the ebay “Auction for Power Lunch with Warren Buffet.” This year, a Chinese game developer bid $2,345,678 for a private lunch with the billionaire investor.

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