Cars in The City

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Remember when September was approaching in The City, it meant Indian Summer temperatures, back-to-school the day after Labor Day, and the unveiling of the new cars from all of the car manufacturers? San Francisco still has remnants of “Auto Row” on Van Ness Avenue. One of the most recognized car dealers was Ellis Brooks Chevrolet. Remember the jingle? Hint: It includes the address.

Ellis Brooks and his wife Marie opened their family owned and operated car dealership in 1939. Mr. Brooks said he would give five pounds of Hills Brothers Coffee, a coffee company founded in San Francisco in 1878, to anyone who could get a better deal on a car than he was offering. Mr. Brooks died in 1972, but Marie still owns and runs the car business at age 87.

The big car news in April 1964 was the unveiling of the Ford Mustang World’s Fair in New York.  Ignoring the September tradition, this car is known as the “1964 ½” model. Chevrolet needed to compete. So, Rogers Auto Group writes the history as, “The Chevrolet Camaro began production in 1966 for the 1967 model year.  Although the car’s name was derived from French slang meaning “companion” or “friend,” Chevrolet originally publicized, tongue-in-cheek, that a Camaro was “a small, vicious animal that eats mustangs,” since the vehicle was designed as a competing model to the Ford Mustang. “

This is a Chevy Camaro commercial from 1967 – and there is a volcano in this one. Really.

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