A Performance Changed History

In 1965, Petula Clark watched “Downtown” climb to No. 1 on the American charts. Three million copies were sold in America while the song was already a success in the UK, France (in both the English and the French versions), the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Italy, Rhodesia, Japan and India.

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Women Find their Voices

The Women’s Movement was energized during the 1960s. Sexual harassment, the uneven power dynamic between the sexes and the concept of equal pay for equal work are still issues that need to be addressed. Quoting a psychiatrist, “Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” Continue reading

Death of Hippie

Many people, most of them from somewhere other than San Francisco, either idealized what they thought was the Hippie life, or condemned it. Much of what we saw taking place in the Haight was an extension of what started out as street theater from a combination of members of the SF Mime Troupe and the Diggers organization. Continue reading