Celebrate A Song

Photo courtesy of CBS Television, The Ed Sullivan Show

With daily news filled with politics, let’s all take a break and celebrate 50 years of a beautiful song.

The Mamas and The Papas released “California Dreamin’ ” in December of 1965. By June of 1966, it was certified as a Gold Record.

Have you noticed that our sixties anthems seem to be playing everywhere? “California Dreamin’ “ has been recorded in many languages, Icelandic and Russian to name two. And it has been used in numerous movies. It also plays at a Disney theme park.

Disney has created the California Adventure theme park, built on the parking lot of the original Disneyland in Anaheim. The park includes, “Pacific Wharf.” Apparently, Northern California is such a draw that for folks who cannot travel to Northern California, Disney decided to recreate a part of Monterey’s Cannery Row as the attraction. Of course, there is also a food court. And there they have highlighted some our San Francisco treats, including Ghirardelli’s chocolate shop and soda fountain and the Boudin Bakery, to give guests a taste our sourdough bread and show them how it is made. Take a look:

According to the Themed Entertainment Association, the California Adventure park hosted approximately 9.4 million guests in 2015, making it the 11th-most visited theme park in the world that year.

Meanwhile at home, the San Francisco Baking Institute will explain the history and development of sourdough in San Francisco. And with a visit to a few more places, here is your PhD about bread:


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