Columbus Day

Note to visitors: there is no beach in North Beach. There is plenty of food, drink and unique entertainment.

On this Sunday, October 9, San Francisco’s historic neighborhood will host the “143rd Annual Italian Heritage Parade.” San Francisco natives of-a-certain-age know it as the Columbus Day celebration. A San Francisco institution since it was established in 1868, organizers say this is “the City’s oldest civic event and the nation’s oldest Italian-American parade.”

The parade begins at 12:30 pm at Jefferson and Stockton Streets in Fisherman’s Wharf, proceeds south through North Beach on Columbus Avenue, and ends in Washington Square in front of Saints Peter and Paul Church. North Beach restaurants will offer al fresco dining with Italian wine. The celebration includes performances by a variety of traditional Italian musicians and performance artists.

Historic traditions continue – – including special appearances by “Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella and Her Court.” Organizers refer to Christopher Columbus as…
“the first Italian-American.”

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