Come Fly with Me!

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It is summer and travelers are in the air to fly to their chosen vacation destinations. Here is some nostalgia.

Pan American World Airways was a major carrier during San Francisco Airport’s development as a Pacific gateway airport. The airline completed a $5 million maintenance base, service center, and office complex at SFO in 1964.
Here is a clip about the meal service on Pan Am:

Pan Am was at its peak in 1968, serving 86 countries on all six major continents.
Now, the Pan Am staff has reunions:

Cocktail chatter factoids:  – Najeeb E. Halaby Jr., the CEO of Pan Am from 1969 to 1971, was also the father of Queen Noor of Jordan. He was a U.S. Navy test pilot who went on to serve President Kennedy as the head of the Federal Aviation Administration starting in 1961, before being appointed the CEO of Pan American.

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