Compassion for the Holidays

Photo courtesy of Raman B/Flickr

It is almost time for Santa to visit. And as San Franciscans have been a compassionate lot since at least the 1960s, perhaps you can add a favorite organization to your holiday list.

Here is one of my favorites. The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC for short) serves the most vulnerable folks in the City. Here is an overview of what they do:

So if you can, choose something – a children’s charity, a senior charity, an animal charity, a community food bank – in your hometown and help someone this holiday season. You will feel great, I promise.

And I have two gifts for you. The first is the song, “Christmas by the Bay,” performed by and with lyrics by Tim Hockenberry.

And the second is a video I could not resist sending to you. In the 1960s, why didn’t we think of Carpool Karaoke?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Blessings for Kwanzaa,