Food Revolution Starts in San Francisco

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Are you trying to eat healthy foods during the summer? In the late 1960s, there was a revolution going on about the food we were eating.

Mollie Katzen was a student at the San Francisco Art Institute and was working part-time, learning all about vegetarian cooking, at Shandygaff restaurant (closed long ago) on Polk Street. Mollie told me that they used to serve the guests and then pack up any leftovers and take the food to the Grateful Dead band if they were playing in The City.

Here is Mollie talking about the foods we should include in our diets:

Mollie took her knowledge about vegetarian cooking to New York and helped to open the Moosewood Restaurant in the early 1970s. Now we have many different restaurant cuisines. But then, opening a vegetarian restaurant was courageous.

These commercials from the 1960s remind us what Shandygaff, and later Moosewood, were competing with:

Mollie went on to write The Moosewood Cookbook plus 11 more cookbooks. She has been honored by the James Beard Foundation and Health magazine named her one of five, “Women Who Changed the Way We Eat.” She lives in Berkeley.

Here is Mollie’s Web site:

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