Freedom of Information

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Happy birthday dear USA! On July 4, 1776, our forefathers severed ties with the British Empire when the Congress issued the United States Declaration of Independence. One of the important issues was freedom. And of course that comes with responsibilities for the government and the citizens.On July 4, 1967, our USA Freedom of Information Act was implemented. That allows citizens to request information from our government so we can ask for documents to try to understand, “what’s going on?”
We are now friends with folks “across the pond,” and sometimes they even adopt an idea from us. A full 33 years after we got the right to FOI, the British implemented their FOI in 2000. Here’s a fun clip about what they might be learning from their government workings:

And here is a clip from explaining our USA FOIA to us:

Freedom is a great concept. But in practice, that means we also have to accept others definitions of fun, as long as they do not break any laws. So in full disclosure about July 4, 1969 in San Francisco, The Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theater opened on that date as an X-rated movie theater. It later added live shows, popularized “lap-dancing,” and still operates at the 895 O’Farrell Street location seven days a week.

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