Furry Holiday Helpers

Holiday shopping is in full swing. Going to downtown San Francisco in the 1960s, you could choose to shop at only-in-San Francisco stores, such as I. Magnin & Company, City of Paris, and The White House. On Grant Avenue, Podesta Baldocchi, a floral and gift store, always offered an abundance of Christmas tree ornaments. And around the corner on Maiden Lane, it was fun to take a break from shopping to look at the puppies and kitties in the windows of the Robinson’s Pet Store. All of those stores are gone, replaced by other retailers, but puppies and kitties have returned to Union Square.

San Francisco’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was founded in the City in 1868. It has continually provided an array of services for animals and their care givers. In 1994, the SPCA and the Animal Care & Control Department of City government agreed to a partnership. The SPCA will find homes for as many abandoned animals as possible, no matter how long it takes. Implementation of that model made San Francisco the first “no kill” city in the United States. Now the SPCA has created another goal. In this clip the plans are explained:

It is a proven medical fact that pets can lower your blood pressure. So take a break from your holiday tasks by playing with your pets, watching the adoptable pets in Union Square, or visiting an animal shelter in your area. Even if you cannot add a furry one to your family, please consider making a donation to an animal shelter. Macy’s unveiled their 2013 holiday windows last week. SFSPCA staff and volunteers will be with the animals to answer questions and take donations through January 5.

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