Giants “Bye Bye Baby”

If you are a San Francisco Giants baseball fan, it’s time to root for the home team who are in the playoffs once again. You might be able to recite the names of some great players from the 1960s, such as Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, and Juan Marichal. But, do you know the words to the San Francisco Giants 1960s fight song titled, “Bye Bye Baby?”

The song was written in 1961 to open the radio broadcasts of Giants’ home games on radio station KSFO. The credit for the “bye bye baby” phrase goes to broadcaster Russ Hodges. The song’s publishing credit went to the advertising team of Allyn Ferguson and Hugh Heller from Hollywood. However, in his 1963 biography, Russ Hodges gives credit for the song to Aaron Edwards, a longtime radio and television announcer in San Francisco. Here is a clip of the song with some images of some 1960s players you may recognize:

The Giants started calling San Francisco home in 1958. According to the online Baseball Almanac, a decade later, “the 1968 San Francisco Giants played 162 games during the regular season, won 88 games, lost 74 games, and finished in second position.” The link shows the roster for the 1968 team, including the starting line-up for that season, and lists some salaries. Willie McCovey was paid $60,000 that year.

Go Giants!

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