Girl Power

Your Postcard from!

For the American Olympic Team, 2012 was all about “girl power.” For the first time, Team USA was composed of more women than men. And the women are bringing home 29 gold medals to the men’s 17 gold medals. Of course, this is not the first time women broke barriers. The Shirelles singing group defined what would become a new genre in music. In 1961, they were the first “girl group” to reach the top of the “Hot 100” chart with “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.” This is a live performance in 1964:

The group was founded and managed by Florence Greenberg, a housewife from Passaic, New Jersey, who discovered the girls at her daughter’s high school. The story of Mrs. Greenberg becoming a music executive and producer, owning her own record label, was turned in to a Broadway play called “Baby, It’s You.” Here is the review of the play:

Meanwhile, here in San Francisco, we had what is described as one of the first all-female rock bands called The Ace of Cups, after the Tarot card. They performed around the Bay Area from 1967 to 1972 and even have a list of their performances by date and location on their Web site:

Here’s a sample of a song called “Catch You Later.”

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