Girl Singing Groups of the 1960s

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Girl singing groups. Producer Phil Spector. Thinking of the Ronettes? Before signing the Ronettes, Spector produced a San Francisco girl group called the Paris Sisters.

Here are the Paris Sisters on American Bandstand in 1964:

We know that Bobby Darin made the song “Dream Lover” famous in 1959. Now they call what the Paris Sisters did “covering” a song.

In October of 1961, the Paris Sisters recorded, “I Love How You Love Me,” and that song rose to number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. One of the sisters said that Phil Spector encouraged their whispery-style on the song:

Albeth, Sherrell, and Priscilla Paris were born and raised in San Francisco. After their one big hit in 1961, they never achieved the kind of stardom that other girls groups did in the 1960s. They split up in the early 1970s and two of the sisters have died, leaving Sherrell to carry on. Sherrell graduated from San Francisco’s Lincoln High School.

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