Golden Gate Bridge Birthday

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If I say Mickey Hart, how many “Dead Heads” will start air drumming? Those who know Hart as the drummer for the Grateful Dead may not know that he has become enchanted with a new instrument. Something he calls a “giant wind harp” you might know as the Golden Gate Bridge.”The Golden Gate Bridge vibrates from its toes (earth, water) to its thighs (pillars of cement and steel), to its torso and crown (air, sky),” Hart was quoted as saying in a press release for the 75th anniversary celebration for our world-famous icon. Hart performed with his Mickey Hart Band at the bridge’s birthday party. In addition to percussion, he uses things near and far in our Universe in what he terms a “sonification” process. He explains his approach while talking about the release of his new album in this YouTube clip:

Turns out Hart’s new process is not so new for him. Leah Garchick wrote in her January 12, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle column, “In the late ’60s/early ’70s, recalls the drummer, authorities twice dragged him away – “unceremoniously escorted off, the second time in cuffs” he says – when he attempted to record bridge sounds. Forty years later, the hippie having become an icon, he’s been working with officials on fulfilling his original dream.” Read more: /DDFN1MKCCV.DTL#ixzz1wE3BK3fV

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