Golden Gate Turns 75

When you live with an iconic symbol, you tend to take it for granted. This year, we all have a special reason to celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge. This world-famous structure, spanning the entrance to San Francisco Bay, turns 75 years old on May 27, 2012. Here is information about the many birthday events being planned:

A few Golden Gate Bridge facts: there are six lanes of traffic; the length of the suspension portion is 1.2 miles; and an average of 115,000 vehicles drive across the bridge each day. And those of us who drive across it regularly know that you do not have to pay to drive out of The City, but you do have to pay the $6 cash, $5 Fastrak toll, to get into San Francisco. It didn’t start out that way.

When the bridge opened in 1937, there was a 50-cent toll each way. In October of 1968, the toll was changed to one way, southbound only, and the toll was still 50-cents to get into The City. What a bargain.

A local friend, Noah Griffin, is a singer, actor and inspirational speaker – He wrote lyrics for the Official Ballad of the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy some beautiful scenes and Noah’s great voice:

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