Golden Gate Welcomes All

If there is one image that says “San Francisco” around the world, it is a view of our iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is seen in many television shows and news programs reporting all kinds of San Francisco Bay Area stories.

Our Golden Gate, not painted gold but rather International Orange with the official color number C#0362C, was open to the public in 1937. It is a vital part of San Francisco’s transportation corridors. On October 19, 1968, the bridge initiated one-way toll collections. Auto tolls for north bound travelers became no charge and south bound cars paid 50 cents each.

Here is a little scientific bridge info for those intrigued by engineering:

Visitors have long commented that life is usually unique in our beloved city. But this recent news about our bridge commute was such an unusual occurrence, it was reported around the world:

Couple of things. Native San Franciscans will know that none of the reporters from other locations seemed to be able to properly pronounce “Marin” County. And those of us who use the bridge regularly know that since 1968, you never pay a toll to leave the City, as the deer were doing. You pay to enter San Francisco.
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