Golf at Olympic Club

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I just checked my Lowell High School yearbook and found out that besides the football, basketball, baseball, and track teams I knew about, we also had a golf team.  So did our rival Lincoln High School. And according to Ron Kroichick of the San Francisco Chronicle, it turns out that two U.S. Open tournament champions came from Lincoln. Ken Venturi, now 81 years old, and Johnny Miller, now 65 years old, were both “born and raised in The City.”The 2012 U.S. Open is being played at the Olympic Club this week, and our home town is expecting 245,000 guests for the event. According to Miller, who graduated from Lincoln in 1965, the 1960s “was just sort of the glory time in San Francisco golf.” Here is a recent clip of Miller’s advice on swinging, dancing, and not being “a dork” –
The Olympic Club was founded on May 6, 1860, with 23 charter members in the City Clubhouse at 524 Post Street. According to the history, “The by-laws stated that the purpose of the Club was ‘to strengthen and improve the body by gymnastic exercises.’ “ In 1918, the Club assumed control of the operations of the financially distressed Lakeside Golf Club on Skyline Boulevard, thus gaining the first 18-hole golf course. Adding more land and remodeling the club house led to hosting the Club’s first U.S. Open in 1955. Many San Franciscans have maintained memberships over the years, and celebrated weddings and family holidays at the Club in addition to using the sports facilities.

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