Happy New Year San Francisco Style

Happy New Year 2014! How do you plan to spend the first day of this new year? Will you be warming the couch while watching football? Or nursing the results of too much partying last night? How about trying the annual New Year’s Day Swim with members of the Dolphin Club?

The Dolphin Club at Aquatic Park in the City was founded in 1877. In this new year, the club will celebrate 137 years of members swimming and rowing in San Francisco Bay. In 1960 they organized the first Alcatraz swim. Boats take members to the island and they jump in the water to swim back to Aquatic Park. Perhaps you can get some inspiration from San Franciscan Walt Schneebeli, 87 years young, who joined the Dolphin Club in 1948:

In the 1960s, a popular suggestion was, “do your own thing.” San Franciscans have been doing that since the City was founded. The Dolphin Club members are just one example. Call it being creative or crazy, in 2013, in Travel+Leisure magazine’s “America’s Favorite Cities” poll, San Francisco ranked #1 in the “Intelligent” category along with being #1 in “Fine Dining” and “Wine Bars.” So whatever it is, we still have “it” and others like “it.” As you look forward to life in 2014, here is Scott MacKenzie reminding us of our San Francisco vibe with our 1967 anthem:

Best wishes for a joyful New Year,