Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo courtesy of Mathmos

Happy Valentine’s Day! Need a gift? For a “Sixties” theme, how about a Lava Lamp?

Here is a reminder of what a Lava Lamp is. The Lava Lamp, also called an Astro Lamp, was invented by a British accountant (go figure!) in 1963. The patent for it was filed in 1965 and issued in 1968.

The Mathmos company in Britain has been manufacturing Lava Lamps continuously for 50 years. Here is a company clip about the care and treatment of your new/old friend. Enjoy.

And the other that date that is coming up this spring is the 50th anniversary of the opening of what has been called the first American Tribal Rock Musical. “Hair” opened on Broadway in April of 1968. It ran for 1,750 performances and shocked audiences with political messages and nudity. The film version did not some along until 1979, and a Broadway revival was created in 2009.

One of the gifts from that production was what became an anthem and a hit for the group the 5th Dimension. Here they are:

Stay groovy!