Honoring History

Today marks 112 years since San Francisco’s earthquake and fire of 1906.

Here are two views of Market street, one before the disaster and one after:

In 1915, nine years after the disaster, the Panama-Pacific International Exposition was held. This was a world’s fair that celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal. It also was an opportunity to prove to the world that San Francisco was back and ready to welcome business and visitors. The fair was built on more than 600 acres in the Marina and was open from February to December of 1915. Here is an overview of the wonders that awaited guests.

All we have left standing today in the City is the Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace was one of 11 original Palaces built for the fair. The structure was originally built of wood covered in burlap and plaster. In 1964, the original Palace was demolished and rebuilt with steel and concrete. Restoration projects continued through 2010. Here is a clip of what visitors see today.

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