How Weird on Howard

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The San Francisco “Hippie” spirit is not gone.  It just moved from The Haight to Howard Street.Our 1960s-vibe continues at the annual “How Weird Street Faire,” a party produced on Howard Street (How Weird, Howard, get it?) to showcase creating “world peace through benevolent technology.” This year’s event was produced last Sunday on Mother’s Day.
The producers of the party are the founders of the World Peace Through Technology nonprofit organization.  Travel author Brad Olsen and video animation producer Michael O’Rourke say they took their inspiration for producing the event from the Hippie movement. They are “dedicated to inspiring and educating people about peace. By raising awareness and knowledge of each other we are promoting global harmony and peace.”

Here is a short clip from 2011:

And for an explanation for why a street festival to promote peace, the founders turn to an expert for a plan. “When the Dalai Lama was asked what the average person could do to help create world peace, he replied, “They can make festivals, bring people together.” Once again, the Hippies were on to something.

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