Memories of Our Favorite TV Shows

Photo courtesy of BBC News

Our heroes are leaving us. On June 9, Adam West, AKA Batman, died at age 88. The show “Batman” debuted on ABC in 1966 and ran for three seasons until 1968.

Here is a reminder of the crime fighting that took place to keep Gotham City safe for all:

And on June 4, Roger Smith, AKA Jeff Spencer, a private detective on“77 Sunset Strip,” died at age 84. The crime drama ran from 1958 to 1964. Smith had to leave the show in 1962. He suffered from a blood clot on the brain. He married Ann Margret in 1967 and became her manager. In 1980, he was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease.
Here is Roger Smith and the theme song from “77 Sunset Strip”:

Remember this?

“Kookie, Kookie Lend Me Your Comb,” was performed on American Bandstand by Edd Byrnes and Connie Stevens. The record sold more than one million copies. Edd Byrnes played Gerald Lloyd “Kookie” Kookson III, the valet, on “77 Sunset Strip.” Byrnes received 15,000 letters of fan mail a week, according to Picture Magazine in 1961.

RIP old friends,