Mick Jagger’s Birthday!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! Yesterday, Mick turned 73 years old. On July 26, 1966, at 23 years old, Mick was in San Francisco performing at the Cow Palace.

Here is the band, the Rolling Stones, performing for the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1966 and singing “Lady Jane.” There are some close-ups of Mick.

On August 29,1966, the Beatles would perform at Candlestick Park.

Since that time, Mick has continued performing with the Rolling Stones, was married twice, and has seven children. The oldest is 45-years-old and the youngest is 17-years-old. It was just announced that his 29-year-old girlfriend is expecting his 8th child.

Here is Mick’s face and hair-do from the 1960s to today, backed up by the band’s songs:

Bonus video – my favorite Stones’ song, with a celebrity introduction.:

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