Missing this SF Native

Photo courtesy of http://spectator.org/articles/56708/remembering-bill-bixby

Remember Bill Bixby? He was a San Francisco native and graduated from Lowell High School. He came to us as Tim O’Hara, with Uncle Martin, Ray Walston,  in My Favorite Martian, a weekly sitcom on CBS from 1963 to mid-1966.
Here is a clip of Uncle Martin explaining that he is from Mars:


Then Bixby returned to weekly television in 1969 with The Courtship of Eddie’s Father on ABC. The show ran until 1972.

Bixby played a widower with a son. The child actor, Brandon Cruz, had never performed before. Here is the introduction of the show that began with a chat between father and son:

Bixby’s career continued with acting in the Incredible Hulk for TV and with directing and producing sitcoms. He was also a guest on talk shows.

In 1991, he was diagnosed with cancer, but continued working. He was married three times and has a son. And in 1993, he married his third wife, Judith Kliban in Hawaii. Three weeks later, on November 21, 1993, he died of complications of prostate cancer. He was 59 years old. In a final interview, he said he hoped that he left behind, “something of good will. And then my life will have been worth something.”

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