Official City Ghosts

San Francisco City Hall has been a gathering place for many interesting local characters through the years. Now, you have the opportunity to meet some of the more ethereal crowd.

Rob Spoor, an official San Francisco City Guides host,, will take visitors on an unusual tour of City Hall described as: “Disinterred remains, assassinations and other ghostly lore form the focus of this tour, plus little-known facts such as the cemetery that once covered Civic Center. Instead of history and architecture, hear snippets from interviews with city employees that detail chilling paranormal activity. You will be amazed and thrilled. Who, or what, might be walking behind you?” This tour is planned for Halloween Monday, October 31 at 6:30 pm.

Gladys Hansen, former San Francisco Librarian and Archivist Emeritus, and current Curator of The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco,, created the City Guides program in 1976. The organization was formally established in 1978 and guides were named “the official docents of San Francisco” in 1984. Home base is still the San Francisco Public Library.

All year long, you can find free tours of many neighborhoods in The City. Details about the Halloween tour, and a complete tour list by date, is on the Web site.

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