Official Flower Power

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San Francisco is well-known for 1960s “Flower Power.” Do you know that San Francisco has an official flower? The Board of Supervisors resolved to make the dahlia the official city flower in 1926. For fun, here is a dahlia opening in a time-lapse clip:

What you also may not know is that Macy’s department store, across from Union Square, has been producing the “Macy’s Flower Show” every year in The City since 1946. And this even predates the flower show that debuted in the New York Herald Square Macy’s store in 1953.

Every year, a theme is chosen and floral designers create beautiful arrangements on the Main Floor of the store at 120 Stockton Street. The themes for the late 1960s were: 1967, “Storybook Animals;” 1968, “Springtime South of the Border;” and 1969, “The Circus.”

For this 66th year, the theme is “Brasil,” with the Portuguese spelling. The Web site says, “Step into paradise at Macy’s Union Square! Stroll through beautiful gardens & landscapes inspired by Carnaval, lush tropical rainforests, timeless Colonial Brasilia and Brasilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx. Plus, don’t miss the premiere of the never-seen-before silver Moonlight Begonia and stained glass Patchwork Impatiens!”

The show will be up though Saturday, April 7, during store hours, on the Main Floor starting at the Geary Street Entrance.

You can also take a free guided tour to learn how the show was created and to get details about the flowers and plants used. For more details, visit the Visitors Center or call (415) 954-6271.

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