“Oh Happy Day” Blessings

Thanksgiving blessings for native San Franciscans include being surrounded by fantastic music. The music connected with the 1960s is usually identified as rock. However, in 1967, composer and singer Edwin Hawkins took an 18th century hymn, wrote a gospel arrangement, and turned it into an international hit. “Oh Happy Day” was listed on the pop charts in 1969 as #4 in the USA. And coming up against bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the United Kingdom at that time, it rose to #2.

One of the best places to enjoy gospel music in San Francisco is a free show. Of course, to attend the show in person, you have to get up early on a Sunday morning. GLIDE Memorial United Methodist Church has rousing musical celebrations every Sunday. Here is a clip of the GLIDE choir singing “Oh Happy Day.”

GLIDE’s creation of a variety of outreach programs and support for the needy started in 1967. The church began serving meals to the hungry in 1969. Today, they serve an average of 2,560 meals each day, and recorded a total of 934,000 meals served last year.  GLIDE is preparing for the largest Thanksgiving dinner in San Francisco and could use your help. The estimate is that $5.00 will give one guest a turkey dinner with all of the fixings. The “Donate Now” button is on the Home Page of http://www.glide.org/.

And for those of you wanting to enjoy more 1960s music, check out:
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