Old Movies Are Familiar Friends

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On December 22, 1967, the movie “The Graduate” was released. It was a statement about a young man in the 1960s who is confused about what his future should be and decides to follow his heart. Can you imagine a different “Benjamin,” not Dustin Hoffman?

Here is the trailer:

Before Dustin Hoffman was cast, Robert Redford tested for the part of Benjamin (with Candice Bergen, not Katharine Ross, as Elaine), but Nichols thought that Redford did not possess the underdog quality that Benjamin needed. When Mike Nichols talked with Redford, Redford asked what he meant. “Well, let’s put it this way,” said Nichols, “Have you ever struck out with a girl?” “What do you mean?” asked Redford. “That’s precisely my point,” said Nichols.

Some 1960s songs remind us of movies. I cannot hear this song without recalling the scenes you see here:

If you have some time to relax this holiday season, you can always watch an old movie. Here are some titles from 1967: “Cool Hand Luke;” “Bonnie and Clyde;” “You Only Live Twice;” “Barefoot in the Park;” and “Valley of the Dolls.” Here is a more complete list of the most popular films of 1967: