Opening Day for San Francisco Baseball!

Photo courtesy of E.F. Clements, San Francisco, photo by Aero Portraits, Color by Mike Roberts

It is almost time for baseball!

Here is a look back at our beloved (well some folks did not mind the wind tunnel!) Candlestick Park.

And back-in-the-day, if we could not go to a game, we could listen to KSFO on our transistor radios.

Here is the old fight song.

Today, Mays, McCovey, Marichal and Cepeda are all in the Hall of Fame.  And we have a new stadium south of Market. Here is a peek behind the scenes about what it takes to get ready for another season. Remember, in addition to seats and well-trimmed grass, now there is Twitter and Facebook.

Opening Day this year is April 3, 2018, so get ready.

Go Giants!