Our Heritage

Heritage can be defined as something that is passed down through generations, a tradition. This week, we celebrate two San Francisco traditions: The Italian Heritage Parade, what we used to call the Columbus Day Celebration, and San Francisco Fleet Week.In 1908, barely two years after our disastrous earthquake and fire, San Franciscans welcomed 14,000 sailors arriving on 16 battleships. President Teddy Roosevelt had sent our fleet on a tour to showcase American sea power, and the tradition continues.  The US Navy, US Marines and US Coast Guard spend a week in San Francisco each year. The crews visit our City and the public is invited to tour the ships. And the Navy’s Blue Angels perform in the air shows.

A nonprofit organization manages the week’s events with a mission: “Our San Francisco Fleet Week 2012 mission is to continue to focus on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Preparedness while we take this annual opportunity to host and thank the young men and women of the Naval Services for their selfless devotion to duty in safeguarding our country.”

Here is a video of San Francisco Fleet Week 2011. See the crowds watching the air show and the parade of ships –
And here is this year’s schedule of events – http://www.fleetweek.us/

As for our Columbus Day Celebration, that has been around since 1869. So the Italian Heritage Parade, scheduled for Sunday, October 7, http://www.sfcolumbusday.org/parade/index.html , will coexist with Fleet Week events. After all, Columbus was a sailor.

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