Pink Panther Strikes Again

In the 1960s, the mini-skirt was “in.” But no matter what fashions have been considered “in” or “out” through the years, diamonds have always been fashionable. In 1964, a film was released that was all about the search for a large pink diamond. “The Pink Panther” movie introduced us to a loveable, bumbling French Police Inspector named Jacques Clouseau, portrayed by actor Peter Sellers.

You may think that the movie title refers to the inspector, or to the jewel thief, played by actor David Niven. Actually, the name refers to the fictional stone that supposedly contained a flaw that looked like a leaping cat. Here is the original movie trailer:

You may have heard or read the words “Pink Panther” recently. The news is not about the many sequels to the original movie, nor is it about the cartoons that are based on the Pink Panther character that was first introduced with the 1964 movie. The Pink Panther gang currently refers to a real band of jewel thieves that is profiled in the British documentary film, “Smash and Grab.”

The gang got their name because in a 2003 jewel theft case in London, the police found a stolen diamond ring in a jar of hand cream, similar to a scene in “The Pink Panther” movie. Within the last week, $53 million of jewelry was stolen from a hotel in Cannes, France. The Pink Panther gang has not claimed responsibility for the theft, but it is a curious coincidence that members of the gang have recently escaped from prison. Here is a trailer for the documentary film that is now in theaters across the country:

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