Popular Song in 1967

Photo courtesy of CNN.com

It has become my tradition to end the year with Scott McKenzie. This year it seemed more appropriate to start this New Year 2017 with Scott and his song, “San Francisco. ” The song  debuted 50 years ago in May of 1967.

But Billboard’s number one song for all January 1967, and the first two weeks of February, was the Monkees, “I’m a Believer.” The Monkees started as a TV show about an imaginary band and became a real band with hit songs. In 1967, they outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined. To date, they have sold more than 75 million records worldwide.

Original band member, and teen idol, Davey Jones died of a heart ailment on February 29, 2012. But band members Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork are still performing. Here they are from a 2015 performance of their number one hit from 1967:

Apparently, some people only know our 1960s music from more recent movies. Here is what Dolenz was referring to when he told the audience that he sang this song before Shrek.

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