Presidential History

The presidential election is less than two years away, but we are already seeing people line up for attention. We expect our politicians to stare into the camera and talk to us. We want to know the “real” person. In 1968, that included participating in something other than an interview.
Do you recognize the show and the surprise guest?

“Laugh In” is the show. Here is the show’s producer, George Schlatter, explaining how he got then-candidate Richard Nixon to come on the show:

San Francisco’s election results were no surprise. Republican Nixon, with his Vice Presidential running mate Spiro Agnew, was up against Democrat Hubert Humphrey and his running mate Edmund Muskie. Also on the ballot were American Independent Party candidate George Wallace and Peace and Freedom candidate Eldridge Cleaver. San Franciscans chose Humphrey, with 59% of the vote, to Nixon’s 34%. Wallace managed 6%. But the country chose Nixon with 48% of the vote to Humphrey’s 45%.

In 1973, Agnew became the second Vice President in history to resign. Gerald Ford was appointed Vice President. Nixon became the first President in history to resign in 1974, making Ford the first non-elected President in US history. Here is a trip back in time:

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