Carol Blackman is a newspaper reporter, author and speaker. A proud native San Franciscan, she studied communications at San Francisco State University when the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood became world famous in the late 1960s. She earned a BA in Speech Communications from SFSU and a MA from Santa Clara University in Educational Psychology.

Carol worked as a newspaper reporter for the Peninsula Times Tribune (Tribune Company) and the San Jose Mercury News (Knight Ridder) for 16 years. Currently she is a correspondent for Bay Area News Group. She also produced segments and was on-air talent for the ABC affiliate in San Francisco for “Good Morning Bay Area.” She has written five nonfiction books and is working on her sixth book, Truth and Love: Finding the Soul of the Sixties.

Story Ideas

  • Do your own thing! How this popular 60s saying became a defining belief for Americans.
  • Are Baby Boomers still relevant?
  • What you don’t know about the Black Panthers and how it relates to today’s headlines.
  • How far have women really come since the 1960s?
  • The gay rights movement then and now.
  • Compassion isn’t just for softies. Peace and Love is a pathway to business success and a higher income.
  • Beyond “Sex, drugs and rock & roll” : 3 valuable life lessons from the 1960s.
  • Celebrate Hippie Chic. This fashion trend began in the Summer of Love.
  • Cook like a Hippie. Healthy California cuisine was first created in hippie kitchens.
  • How a World War II veteran raised millions of dollars for charity wearing a ball gown, make-up and a tiara.


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