Remember The Charlatans?

Photo courtesy of Mike Wilhelm,

On October 7, 1965, The Charlatans band was performing at the Matrix nightclub in the Marina. Never heard of them? The Charlatans were a psychedelic rock band that came along at the same time that the San Francisco music scene was exploding in the 1960s.

Here are two of their signature songs:

The band’s rebellious attitude and their 19th century fashions influenced many of the other bands of that era. They did not record much. Their first album was not released until 1969.

Although they did not reach the heights of popularity such as The Grateful Dead or the Jefferson Airplane, they do get credit for being the first of the  underground San Francisco bands of the 1960s.

Members of the The Charlatans have never stopped making music. Richard Olsen, aka Richie Olsen in 1965, created “Richard Olsen’s Orchestra” and they play all kinds of music in the Bay Area, from big band sounds to Motown and classic rock.

Here is Richard Olsen on the saxophone: