RIP Scott McKenzie

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For the last Postcard of 2011, I sent out a new year’s wish that we all remember to enjoy life and as Scott McKenzie sings, “wear some flowers in your hair.” Sadly, McKenzie died last week at age 73.

Here he is singing the song that made him famous, accompanied by some film clips of McKenzie walking around wearing a floor length caftan and sandals –

A Web site devoted to McKenzie – -says that he died on August 18 at his home in Los Angeles following a long illness. There will be an official memorial celebration in Los Angeles in early October.

A New York Times obituary reported:
“Chris Campion, who is writing a biography of John Phillips, interviewed Mr. McKenzie this year and said that the singer had told him that soldiers returning from Vietnam would sing the song on the airplane to San Francisco. He later became friends with some of those veterans and would tour the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with them. ‘He was grateful that he had the opportunity to have such an impact on their lives,’ Mr. Campion said.”

This is the obituary with a photo of McKenzie with the Mammas and Papas in 1967:

May the man who helped define how San Francisco in the late 1960s was changing the world – rest in peace,