San Francisco Baseball Champions

It is baseball season again. And the World Champion San Francisco Giants’ fans are hoping to watch our hometown team win another World Series this year. Did I mention that they have won two championships in the last three years? The Giants had won five World Series titles before moving from New York to the City in 1958. They played for two years at Seals Stadium before calling the then-new Candlestick Park home in 1960. In 1962, they were back in World Series competition with their old rivals the New York Yankees. Here is a video clip with the exciting final minutes of the game to decide the 1962 championship title at Candlestick Park.
Spoiler alert: it does not end well for us.

Our Giants did not win any world championships in the 1960s. But by now, the team has won seven championships total, and that puts us in second place for total championships in the National League, behind the St. Louis Cardinals who have won 11. And I am sure some fans would credit “Lou Seal” with greatly helping our team win.

Lou Seal has been the Giants mascot since 1996, according to an interview posted with Lou on the Giants Web site His full name is Luigi Francisco Seal and he says he was born on the Farallon Islands, making him a native San Franciscan. Officially, the islands are designated a part of the City.

Many fans may think that Lou was chosen as a mascot because Candlestick Park is close to the Bay and the new ATT Park was built right next to a cove. Actually, Lou also honors the history of the Giants playing at Seals Stadium, following the City’s original baseball team the San Francisco Seals, who were active in the City from 1903 to 1957. When Lou is not busy on the field, he visits hospitals and youth organizations. Here is a slide show of Lou at work:

Go Giants!