San Francisco Chocolate

History is happening while we are living it. We do not always recognize what will last and what is a passing fad. Some 1960s San Francisco happenings, like our Summer of Love and our Flower Children, still have lots of recognition, even by the younger set. Many people of all ages also know about our hometown bands, such as the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane. How about the Chocolate Watch Band? Not so much? Me neither.

Turns out that the Chocolate Watch Band was a local group of musicians who produced a couple of albums with Tower Records. They were active from 1965 to 1970. And they were even in a couple of terrible “exploitation” films about Hippies and the City’s drug culture in the late 1960s. Here is one of their psychedelic instrumental songs that got some positive reviews:

For a San Francisco chocolate reference that has been recognized since 1852, and is still very popular, try Ghirardelli Chocolate. To experience all things chocolate (except for the aforementioned band), try the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival September 13 and 14. Here is a short tour through the festival a few years ago:

History lovers, here is your perfect excuse. Celebrate our unique San Francisco history with chocolate!  Here is the Web site for the details:

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