Selfies in the Sixties

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Today, we take “selfies.” with our smartphones. It is true that some people over-share. Do you long for a simpler time?

Perhaps you remember the precursor to our phone photos: the Polaroid Swinger! These cameras were the hot new thing 50 years ago.

The white plastic Swinger, with black and red accents, is now displayed in museums as an example of Pop Art. Aiming for the “youth” demographic, Polaroid pronounced it “the camera for a whole new generation.”

Nancy Warner, a photographer in San Francisco, admits she took her first photographs with a Swinger in 1968. She is now a professional and specializes in portraits.

With our ubiquitous smart phones, the selfie trend is only growing. Now we have accessories. Here is a Bloomberg Business reporter asking people on the street in San Francisco about using the selfie stick.