Holiday Shopping

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In the 1960s in San Francisco, Santa Claus arrived by cable car and made the Emporium department store his home until Christmas. It is time to get your list ready and brave the crowds to find those perfect gifts.

Back in the day, maybe you hoped for a Beatles album (yes, vinyl), or a new transistor radio, or for the girls a mini-skirt with some boots, and for the guys bell some bell bottom pants to be right in style.

Without a time machine, we cannot literally go back to the 1960s. But here is a gift you can give that someone who wishes he or she could experience the 1960s in San Francisco now:

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, breaking up your shopping list by relaxing at lunch, or sitting down with a cup of coffee, is a good idea. Perhaps you will be surprised by a gift like this:

Happy shopping!