Spirits in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco has been the site of many unique gatherings through the years.  Since 1879, visitors to the Conservatory of Flowers have marveled at the Victorian style architecture of the fanciful greenhouse, or gazed at the many exotic plant species kept there. Now, you have the opportunity to go to the Conservatory after dark, for a “musical séance,” to “conjure the spirits of musical instruments past and present, and the trees that created them.” An explanation will follow.

First, for a little meditation time, you can view this clip of the Conservatory and some of the beautiful flowers found there, accompanied by some restful music:

Now that you are in a receptive frame of mind, you may recall that in the 1960s the idea of “cosmic consciousness” got lots of attention.  The concept is that the Universe is a connected network of consciousness. Our “Human Be-In” in 1967 in Golden Gate Park was meant to bring humans together to achieve higher consciousness. Some folks needed a little help from psychedelic drugs. Following the Be-In, and during the “Summer of Love,” the park was filled with dancing Hippies, some playing musical instruments, connecting to the spirits of love and peace.

Following that theme, local singer Jill Tracy will be joined by violinist and composer Paul Mercer for a Wednesday, February 27 evening of “The Whispering in the Wood” at the Conservatory from 6 pm to 10 pm. http://www.conservatoryofflowers.org/special-events/whispering-wood-talks-ghosts-violins-and-trees-brought-them-life

Mercer’s instruments have names. They include a 19th century violin named Daphne, a 17th century violin named Abigail, and an 1820 viola named Henryetta. In addition to connecting with the musical instruments and their stories, the “musical séance” needs audience participation. The musicians channel real-time music compositions from the energy held in the objects brought to the party by the audience.

May the spirits be with you,