Success Takes Time

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One of our favorite girl groups from the 1960s was actually formed in 1959. And they were not an instant success.

Here are the The Primettes trying to become a success:

In 1961, Barry Gordy finally signed the group to his Motown label, and changed their name. Time magazine commented on the group’s polished performances. Their gowns and wigs and deportment was courtesy of Maxine Powell who ran Motown’s in-house finishing school and Artist Development department.

At first they were known as the “no-hit” Supremes around Motown’s office after recording six songs that did not make it to the Top 40 list on Billboard. In 1964, they finally had a hit with “Where Did Our Love Go.”

After having Barry Gordy choose Diane, now Diana Ross, as the lead vocalist, and having a couple of personnel changes, the group disbanded in 1970. Here is their last TV appearance as a group. It was December 21, 1969.

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